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Classic Neck Warmers

Performance and comfort merge together in this double-layer neck warmer. An extra-long neck that is both durable and soft, it works hard to protect your neck, chin, cheeks and nose while you're tackling that great adventure you've always dreamed of.Constructed from the finest Italian micro-denier ya..
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A classic fleece neck warmer comprised of two layers of Chelonia 150™, the Double-Layer Neck is a go-to accessory for cold days on the mountain. Giving you the coverage you need between your jacket collar and your helmet or hat, it protects your neck from the cold, snow, and wind.The Chelonia 150™ d..
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Aptly named for its soft and plush lining, this neck warmer is packed with power. A quick-drying technical performance outer layer ensures breathability while the inner layer is insanely warm and soft against the skin.Protecting your neck and lower face from the elements, the Comfort Shell™ Fluffy L..
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Made of the softest and warmest fleece, this Fluffy Neck protects your face and neck from the snow, sun, and cold.The Fluffy Neck is a double-layer neck warmer made of the soft and warm Sherpasoft™ Fleece. The fleece feels insanely soft against your skin while keeping the snow and cold at bay. A per..
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Pipe Dream™ fully lined with micro fleece is our heavyweight neck warmer. Comfort Shell™ is our Turtle Fur® proprietary performance technical fabric that is the perfect blend of moisture management, antimicrobial and lightweight element protection. It's engineered to support a demanding multi-season..
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Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, walking-everything's better with more comfort. That's what you'll discover when you've got our new Comfort Shell Luxe Neckula by your side on cold weather adventures.Versatile, warm, and oh so comfy, the Comfort Shell Luxe Neckula brings softness to snowy outings. We too..
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The Neckula™ works hard to protect your face and neck from the elements. Breathable and quick-drying, it keeps the snow and cold at bay while supporting an active lifestyle on (or off) the mountain.With Original Turtle Fur® fleece lining, this Neckula™ fits soft and warm against your face and neck, ..
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A heavyweight neck warmer made of our technical performance fabric and beloved Original Turtle Fur Fleece®, the Neckula™ is the best of both performance and comfort. With a quick-drying and breathable exterior and insanely soft liner, this neck warmer has you covered from the nape of the neck to the..
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Made with our new Comfort Shell Luxe fabric, our 3/4-length Pipe Dream neck tube maxes out on comfort while giving you full face coverage. We'll pinch you if you don't believe us.No, you didn't sleep through your alarm and miss your ride to the mountain, the Comfort Shell Luxe Pipe Dream is real! We..
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This single-layer neck warmer crafted from fine Italian yarn is breathable and durable, providing warmth without the weight. A great, quick-drying option that will give you long-lasting coverage around the neck, as well as the chin, cheeks, and nose when worn pulled up.Constructed from the finest It..
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Remember that insanely soft and warm neck gaiter your parents made you wear before venturing outside in the winter? You grew up, but we never left, and we think it's time you get an upgrade. Warmer, softer, and better than ever, it's The Turtle's Neck®.The Turtle's Neck® has been dubbed the warmest,..
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